Cloud Security

Our partner cloud security vendor not just accelerates your digital transformation journey with a proven security platform but is also data-centric, cloud-smart, and as fast as your business.

  • Data-centric : We take a data-centric approach to cloud security, following data everywhere it goes. From data creation and exposure in the cloud to data going to unmanaged cloud apps and personal devices, our partner platform protects data and users everywhere.
  • Cloud security that is cloud-smart : Securing this environment, without slowing down the business, demands a new security model based on contextual knowledge of the cloud. Our partner vendor enables you to take advantage of their intimate, contextual understanding of the cloud to apply effective security controls that enables you to safely use the cloud and web.
  • Cloud security that is fast : When it comes to security, performance and scale are often the biggest challenges. Our partner solution delivers real-time, cloud-native security, without the traditional performance trade-off.
  • With Vinca as your cybersecurity partner,

    • Strengthen the security posture of you cloud applications.
    • Secure Web Access
    • Deeper visibility in to cloud security incidents
    • Reduce threat Surface


Database Security

Our partner solution delivers analytics, protection and response across all your data assets, on-premise and in the cloud - giving you the risk visibility to prevent data breaches and avoid compliance incidents.

  • Gain immediate value : pre-configured and extensible templates, policies, reports and more come “out-of-the-box” for quick, continuous compliance and risk management – with no manual/DIY work required.
  • Manage risk across all databases : Single pane of glass across distributed environments on-premise, in-cloud and multi-cloud to find ungoverned database instances, classify data, assess vulnerabilities, and investigate user activity.
  • Speed incident resolution : Detect both outsider and insider threats and automate response procedures.
  • Painlessly demonstrate compliance : Consolidate reporting operations and get cost effective multi-year retention of audit and forensic records

Email Security

Vinca’s partner email security solution is powered by True AI, trained on comprehensive data sets to stop the most sophisticated phishing attacks before they even reach your inbox.

  • Full-Suite Protection : Security for all your collaboration apps.
  • Protection From : Ransomware, account takeover, BEC, supply chain attacks.
  • Superior Catch Rate : 99.2% reduction in phishing attacks reaching the inbox.

Data Loss Prevention Solution

Vincacyber helps you cover all major operating systems, with its partner DLPS solution:

  • Control all your data with one single policy : Replace broad, sweeping rules with individualized, adaptive data security that doesn’t slow down your employees. Block actions only where you need to, and drive productivity.
  • Prevent data breaches automatically : Automatically block actions based on an individual user's risk level with risk-adaptive data protection.
  • Simplify compliance with predefined policies : View and control all of your data with the industry's largest pre-defined policy library. Ensure regulatory compliance across 80+ countries for GDPR, CCPA and more. Deploy data classification with Boldon James and Azure Information Protection.
  • Protect critical intellectual property with unsurpassed accuracy : Protect PII and PHI, company financials, trade secrets, credit card data, and other pieces of sensitive customer data-even in images. Follow intellectual property (IP) in both structured and unstructured forms, and stop low & slow data theft even when user devices are off-network.

Endpoint Security

Vinca’ partner solution offers comprehensive threat protection covering Host, Network, User & File Attack Vector with its partner solution. We don’t burden our customers with multiple solutions and multiple licenses. We help you with the solution, that’s the best fit for your organization’s risk profile.

  • One agent, one console
  • One Solution & One license
  • 24*7 Proactive Monitoring
  • Threat hunting & response
  • Free Incident Response Service

Network Security

Vinca’s partner solution provides advanced threat prevention and automated cloud network security through a virtual security gateway, with unified security management across all your multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

  • Advanced Threat Prevention : Provides North-South and East-West protection of cloud assets.
  • Automated Network Security : Supports rapid deployment, agility and automation of CI/CD workflows
  • Unified Management Across All Clouds : Consistent policy to manage security across on-prem and multi-cloud environments

Web Application Firewall Security

Web application attacks prevent important transactions and steal sensitive data. Our partner solution stops these attacks with near-zero false positives with a global SOC to ensure your organization is protected from the latest attacks minutes after they are discovered in the wild.
Most importantly, our partner solution automates policy creation and fast rule propagation empowering your security teams to use third-party codes without risk while working at the pace of DevOps.


    Web Security

    Vinca’s partner solution proactively secures the web with advanced, real-time threat defence, in addition to full content inspection and in-line security scanning, that helps mitigate risks and protects against malware.

    • Advanced threat protection : Our trusted partner solution keeps users safe from malicious threats, including zero-day threats. Protects against zero-day threats with real-time threat intelligence and remote browser isolation. It also provides deep content inspection for encrypted and unencrypted traffic to detect evolving threats across the entire kill chain.
    • Prevent theft of regulated data and intellectual property : Our partner’s Web DLP module provides the industry’s leading DLP engine to protect against data exfiltration over the web in real-time.
    • Safe access for every user, anywhere : Our partner solution ensure security policies are consistently enforced for all users at all times – whether traveling, at home, or on the corporate network.
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