Thousands of malicious websites shut, global meeting on cyber security

In Geneva this week the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace has been holding a two-day hearing with the United Nations. It’s the commission’s fifth international workshop on Internet governance. Progress in getting countries to agree on some sort of cyber rules of the road is slow. Last September the commission suggested six norms of behaviour, including forbidding governments and companies from tampering with computer products and services. It also urges governments to prevent offensive cyber operations. This week I interviewed Eric Jardine, a Virginia Tech expert on cyber security who said it’s good countries talk. But, he added, until governments exercise some self-restraint on doing things like hacking companies and trying to interfere in elections, agreement on what’s forbidden on the Internet will take a while. Click here to see my full article on

If you’re a small business and use Cisco Systems’ line of small business smart or managed switches be aware the company has found a critical software vulnerability. There’s no patch, but there is a workaround. Network administrators should watch for an advisory.

Finally, do you use an Android file manager called ES File Explorer? Well, a security researcher says he has found a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to retrieve information from your Android smart phone, including the list of installed apps, images and videos. Then another researcher found a separate vulnerability that could allow an attacker to get into a phone with ES File Explorer. If you use this app, be on the lookout for an update.

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